Woman Finds Gold Viking Ring in Pile of Costume Jewelry

A collection of cheap costume jewelry that a woman in Norway bought in an online auction has yielded a rare treasure: a gold ring believed to have been worn by a Viking chief.

After Mari Ingelin Heskestad received the stash of jewelry she bought from an auction house and started combing through it, one piece particularly caught her attention.

Heskestad had a feeling the twisted gold ring was not costume jewelry. “It was really heavy, and shiny,” she told the Bergensavisen, BA newspaper. “It looked very special.”

After her father-in-law suspected that the ring might be from the Viking Age, Heskestad brought it to the Vestland County municipal cultural heritage department in Western Norway. The acting head of the department, Karoline Hareide Breivik, confirmed in a statement that the ring does date to the late Iron Age or Viking Age. She also noted that it’s an extremely rare find and the first time she has heard of a ring from the Scandinavian Viking Age being found in an online auction.

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