Why Wear Wearable Art Statement Jewelry

Why Wear Wearable Art Statement Jewelry

Wearable Art Jewelry makes a statement in itself, this type of jewelry is for those of you want to stand out from the crowd. Be prepared to make a statement when wearing a one off creation of wearable art.

This sort of jewelry may come at a price, however, it never loses it’s appeal, truly unique and made to pass on to the next generation. Jewelry which does not follow a certain style or trend but in fact, it creates it’s own appeal as those who wear it and view it know that this form of art has been created to make the wearer feel fabulous!

Calling for the one who dares to wear it to compliment the jewelry with clothing which does not compete with the ‘wearable art’, rather clothing which focuses all the attention on the art rather than the clothes! Low key clothing is all important, your jewelry creates a style all of it’s own. Strapless dresses or sleeveless dresses are the perfect attire for a formal event. The jewelry pieces are just as suited to being worn with a little white or black fitted t-shirt and jeans which are designed to accentuate your style…

A number of celebrities love wearing ‘Wearable Art’ with both casual and on the red carpet, their style guaranteed by matching these spectacular pieces of jewelry accessories to their outfits. It’s time for you to shine too, making the most of a simple outfit and looking sensational! Often when a client finds a designer who creates the type of ‘Wearable Art’ they are passionate about, the client becomes an avid collector of that particular designer/artist’s work and covets many of their designs.

Wearable Art is bold, in a class of it’s own and unforgettable. Jewelry created from the heart by jewellers who are inspired by all around them and so much more, from the site of a piece of crystal, to the colours of Fall in New England and beyond… They create as they feel, their designs come from their inner passion for creating a piece of jewelry which will be a lasting legacy way after they are no longer here themselves.

Wearable Art Jewelry is normally fairly large, drawing attention to the wearer. As the name ‘Wearable Art’ suggests, a piece of jewelry like this shouldn’t compete with the rest of the outfit. Wear it with solid, monochromatic colors instead. Simplicity in your clothing style is the perfect accompaniment to your collector’s pieces. As for accompanying jewelry if you feel you must wear another piece of jewelry too, you are adivised to keeping your earrings etc simple too. Keep the earrings simple too.

Keep earrings small and discreet when you wear a statement necklace, though you don’t really need earrings. Remember proportions and do not overdress. Choose a piece of ‘Wearable Art’ which is suitable to your build and height too. Make sure the piece of jewelry you choose accentuates your beauty without overpowering your look.

Wear them more towards the evening, as you can transform your a simple sheath of a dress into dazzling evening eveningwear. One of the reasons so many woman who can afford a piece of ‘Wearable Art’ begin to collect it, what could be more easy than transforming classical pieces of clothing to an unforgettable number for the evening!

Not all ‘Wearable Art’ comes at a high price, it is normally priced on the fact that each piece is completely unique, collectable, from what it is made and how long it took to create it.

Many brides are going down this route too, spending less on a simple dress which skims their body and more on a beautiful piece of ‘Wearable Art’ which they can wear again and again rather than just once like their wedding dress.

This sort of jewelry can range from the creative to the exquisite and to other end of the spectrum which is completely ‘out there’, thus appealing to many! ‘Wearable Art’ is one of the easiest ways to change the look of one’s outfits without having to alter one’s wardrobe. Most jewelry designers who go down this route, create pieces which are not experimental as they create pieces which they hope to be ageless and completely exclusive.

The idea behind ‘Wearable Art’ is to create a piece which produces a strong statement…. Allowing the wearer to create the element of surprise. The expense of these pieces stems from their being no replica, they are all completely unique and covetable.

This sort of jewelry can be crafted from almost anything to reflect one’s individual style, quite often jewellers will offer their clients a service which allows the client to commission a particular piece. The designer will work with the client from start to finish of the particular piece, thus you are also buying not just the artist’s time or the piece, but their name too.

Many pieces of ‘Wearable Art’ Jewelry have been exhibited at art exhibitions worldwide in conjuntion with artists who create in completely different mediums such as painting, photography and more…

Many women now are choosing clothing which is simpler, beautifully cut and minimal in natural colours thus perfectly accentuated by ‘Wearable Art’ jewelry. This is wonderful news for jewelry designers who love to create artistic pieces rather than commercial pieces, being true to themselves and their craft.

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