Why Should Modern Women Include Von Treskow Necklaces To Their Jewelry Collection?

Why Should Modern Women Include Von Treskow Necklaces To Their Jewelry Collection?

It’s no wonder that women of this era are interested in matching their looks. Highlighting the attire with the help of jewellery accessories seems to be an effective way to enhance a woman’s image. The radiance and luster held by jewelry pieces truly makes them standout in a crowd of people.

There are many different jewellery pieces; one of the popular pieces is the necklace. Since ancient times, this jewelry article has been used as a form of adornment by men. The first types of necklaces are crafted from purely natural materials such as animal left overs or sturdy vines of plants combined with shells, bones, animal skins and many more natural elements found in the surroundings.

As time goes by, necklaces have definitely evolved and currently come in different forms and sizes. Nowadays, there are many lines of jewelry that are scattered all throughout the fashion market. With this high demand in jewellery items, women certainly have a challenge in selecting a particular brand or design. Luckily, there is this one jewelry line that offers a fusion of classical jewelry items with contemporary flair, this line is called Von Treskow.

Eva Lemmen, the one who started this jewelry brand, launched Von Treskow throughout the summer season of 2004. Eva aims to manufacture jewellery pieces that exemplify the exoticness of her family’s Spanish and German tradition. Based in Melbourne, Von Treskow’s signature add-ons are ball bracelets, silver coin rings and tassel necklaces. In creating modern and dynamic pieces of jewelry that displays the features of dominance, warmth and belief, the brand emphasizes on primary forms, stylish colors and decorative touches.

Eva’s varied origins have influenced her in using vintage stuffs such as century-old coins, holy ornaments and Elizabethan fringes in producing beautifully-crafted jewellery pieces. Encrusted hoop earrings, picture-piled bangles and gewgaw necklaces are presented by this line for a seductive twist to the pieces. In order to display the distinctive beauty of the used materials, sterling silver as well as natural and semi-precious gems are added to the custom-made designs.

The way Von Treskow maintains its status with its customers is by keeping the quality of its materials high with unmatched artistry. Its enthusiasm in preserving the principles and beliefs is the key reason why it is still successful amidst the competition in the fashion industry.

Von Treskow started from humble beginnings to become a household name in the fashion industry. Its reputation continues to thrive in an ever growing competitive fashion jewelry industry.

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