Wear And Care Tips For Flower Dangle Earrings

Wear And Care Tips For Flower Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are generally designed to hang below earlobes and come attached using a hook. They have a way of making the wearer look elegant as they move around with the movement of the wearer. These earrings can contain pearls, gemstones, crystals and beads hanging from a small bar. Flower dangle earrings come in amazing floral designs with elaborate details making them stand out. If you love flowers then you will definitely find the long flower earrings appealing.

The flower designs on the earrings can take different shapes and come in different colors and embellishments. There is such a wide range you can choose from and just like buying any other item, it helps to know how to wear and care for your floral dangle earrings.

Wearing the floral dangle earrings

Tip 1 – The flower earrings come in different lengths and will often move and swing. Apart from elongating the appearance of your neck and face, they can easily tangle in hair. It is therefore important that you consider your hair length and style when wearing the earrings. You can go for a pixie and short bob styles or hold your hair up so you keep them off your hair. These hair styles also give the beautiful earrings a chance to stand out and be seen.

Tip 2 – Since they can snag on clothing too, depending on their length and design, you also want to avoid high collar clothing, hoods and scarves when wearing the dangle earrings. Such clothes will not only give you a problem with the earrings, but will also make them look overwhelming with the bulk around the neck and shoulders.

Tip 3 – Consider wearing the earrings without any other jewelry. They are eye catching and make very good statement pieces, depending on their size and length, hence you do not really need any other jewelry to go with them. Most are loud, shiny and bright and you can find them in multiple styles and colors, hence needing no additions to create an elegant look.

Care tips for floral dangle earrings

Tip 1 – To keep your earrings in top shape for longer, ensure that you choose that have secure studs and hooks. Considering that they can be heavy and large depending on the design, only strong studs and hooks will keep them from falling off your ears and breaking apart.

Tip 2 – When selecting your dangle earrings, you also want to ensure that you get only the highest quality metal and other materials. Hypoallergenic metals are the best, especially for those with sensitive skin. Poor quality materials will only fade and lose the shine after a few uses and remain at risk of unsightly rusting.

Tip 3 – After getting quality dangle earrings, ensure that you get proper storage for them. Throwing them in a box with other earrings may not be the best way to go because they can easily tangle on the others. Poor storage could also cause the embellishments to come off, especially when they pull on each other and scratches are also inevitable. Get a proper jewelry box if you can to hang the earrings.

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