Time Capsule – Preserving History in a Jewelry Box

Time Capsule – Preserving History in a Jewelry Box

The ability of a jewelry box to keep jewelry safe and secure is well know. A jewelry box itself is built durably and built to last. It isn’t something that will be falling apart within a month, a year or several years. A jewelry cases will last long enough to be an heirloom, being passed on to your children and their children after them. By extension, the jewelry itself will be preserved as well, and all of the family history that is entailed within it, and that is indeed a precious thing to keep safe and in the hands of your descendants.

If there is a piece of jewelry, or several pieces, that are particularly dear to you, you owe it to them, yourself and your descendants to keep them in a quality jewelry cases. This way they can also be worn by your grand-children or great-grandchildren and enjoyed by them as much as they were by you. Such joy is the kind of thing that can only be given, never purchased.

Alternately, if you already have some jewelry that has been in your family for a while, you have that much more motivation to keep it in your family for even longer. If it has already been in your family’s possession for a few generations, then it has earned the right to stick around for a few more. A jewelry box will keep veteran jewelry safe as easily as newer pieces.

Of course, you’re not just preserving your rings and bracelets when you keep them in a jewelry box; you’re preserving memories and stories as well. These things are just as precious as the jewelry they are attached to and a watch box keeps them just as safe as it does a pair of diamond earrings. When your descendants handle and admire your jewelry, they will be commemorating and paying homage to your memory as well.

A jewelry box is an astounding thing. Not only can it keep precious and delicate jewelry in pristine condition for years and even decades to come, it can preserve your memory or that of your progenitors as well. They say that the ultimate test of anything is the test of time. Things that are not forgotten are the ones that hold up under this test. A jewelry box gives them a serious advantage and makes it much more likely that your own collection of jewelry and stories will not be lost or forgotten.

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