The Color of Lingerie

The Color of Lingerie

This article is based upon Information gathered upon reading many articles on color and its emotional responses gathered around American culture other countries may have different beliefs an associations to color.

Black- Black is the most controversial color it is actually the absence of color. To some the color black makes them think of death, demons, witches etc.. on the other hand signifies power, Formality and mystery. In fashion black has always been a favorite due to its slimming effects and adds a touch of sophistication.

Red- Red is a very intense & extreme color, it gets attention immediately. Red symbolizes love, warmth, blood, heat, fire, passion. The color actually raises blood pressure and increases the appetite. Wear Red lingerie to induces perceptions of Power, Happiness, excitement, anticipation, desire, and energy.

White- Stands for purity and innocence, it also represents cleanness and is used to convey that message by doctors, nurses, and hospitals. In general the color white is cool and invokes a cool, refreshing, light airy feeling in the clothing since.

Pink- Is the most romantic and tender color, also the most feminine color. Pink automatically triggers thoughts of little girls, bubble gum, Barbie ( basically everything sweet and nice). There have been studies that suggest that pink surroundings can actually physically weaken a person. Wear Pink Lingerie to make your lover feel calm, tranquil, and softhearted.

Blue -Is the most popular favorite colors to both genders. Blue Signifies wisdom ,trust, and loyalty. That is why most police officers are dressed in blue & blue is the favorite color for job interviews. Use cool Blue in your wardrobe to produce a calming effect. Darker Shades of Blue have the same effects black.

Green- Is Symbolic of nature, including rain forests, leaves, peace. also symbolic of luck, money, youth, renewal, & hope. Green is neutral on the emotional scale but can evoke feelings of freedom & acceptance.
Purple-Is symbolic for royalty, luxury, wealth. Purple does not occur often in nature some may feel it artificial. However on the emotional side purple evokes feelings of passion, romance and sensitivity. Purple seems to get attention due to the lack of seeing it often.

Yellow-Pure lemon bright yellow is associated with cheerfulness and happiness but beware as this color actually hurts eyes to look at. Choose softer shades to ease the eye discomfort. Or Use Bright yellow in moderation in accessories & trims. Do not completely over look this in lingerie though because it brings feelings playfulness and warmth & easy going attitude.

Orange is associated with warmth , contentment, wholesomeness & is most known to arouse the appetite. Orange may be a useful color for those couples whom like to eat together in bed or enjoy adult edible products.
Brown- Earthy, woodsy, Neutral. Brown Creates an ambience of solidity ,strength and maturity. Studies have shown that men like this color more then women. Brown creates an open atmosphere for men. Article -The Color of Lingerie.Information on choosing Lingerie colors to entice your partner with an emotional response.

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