Stylish Jewelry for the Indian Bride

Stylish Jewelry for the Indian Bride

Indian culture celebrates marriage as one of the most auspicious events, which establishes a holy bond between the newly married couple and sketches a path of new beginnings. This is why the bride and the groom dress up elaborately for all bridal occasions. Bridal dressing is incomplete if the bride is not adorned with sparkling jewels, which enhance her beauty. Indian bridal jewelry is available in a variety of designs and is considered a must-have for Indian weddings. Nothing can beat Indian bridal jewelry when it comes to grandeur, class, and opulence.

Indian weddings have always been special and glorious. The huge spends on bridal jewelry make this celebration even more pompous. A bridal set comprises earrings, necklace, nose ring, hathphool (bracelet and rings), bangles, anklets, toe rings, maang tikka, kamarband (waistband, mangalsutra designs) and bajuband (armlet). Earlier, wedding jewelry was only restricted to gold, but over a period of time, new innovations took jewelry to a different level. Nowadays, Indian jewelers aim at creating new trends; keeping intact the rich history of Indian jewelry and offer best traditional designs and cuts with some contemporary twist. Today, Indian brides are experimenting extensively with other materials like diamonds, Swarovski crystals, kundan, polka settings and mangalsutra designs accentuated with precious stones like rubies, corals, and diamonds.

However, the trend of using precious and semi-precious stones in not new. From the bygone era, kings and queens have been ornamenting themselves in majestic gold and silver jewels, enhanced with pearls, aquamarine, topaz, and multicolored stone beads. Colored stones add a new hue of fantasy to any exclusive piece of jewelry. Besides this, the history of Indian jewelry can be traced back to the presence of kundan jewels, polka stone, and grand jadau necklaces.

Traditional Indian jewelry is widely popular because of its ingenious craftsmanship and intricate designs. Gold and silver plated necklaces and earrings decorated with kundan art have been sported by women since the Mughal calendar. The royal courtyards witnessed elaborately designed kundan jewels – gold foil setting inserted in between the precious stones – to augment the look of the piece. Beautiful jadau jewelry assortment involves multiple craftsmen who excel in different skills like polka settings (uncut diamond work), meenakari (enamel painting), kundan (gold foil design), engraving patterns and finally adding an imperial finish to each piece of jewelry.

Indian jewelry has come a long way. Now, some of the popular jewelry options for the bride as well as other family members are pearls, stone-studded jewelry, kundan and polka settings. A stunning collection of designer sarees online and Indian jewelry in traditional and contemporary designs ranging from fine costume jewelry to mangalsutra designs and traditional Indian bridal jewelry is available at various online stores. So, log on to one of these online stores, and access a wide range of designer and costume jewelry for yourself and your loved ones, and be part of the everlasting memories of the wedding day.

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