Naomi Campbell’s Mother Turns Down Reconstructive Surgery

Naomi Campbell’s Mother Turns Down Reconstructive Surgery

Eight years ago Valerie Campbell was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The Mother of the world-widely known Supermodel Naomi Campbell, continues to ignore her daughter’s suggestion to undergo a breast reconstruction.

The now 61 year old doesn’t regret her decision not to have the surgery as she is adamant that the loss of a breast does not alter the quality of her life. She says she didn’t avoid the surgery out of fear for the procedure but rather that she felt it unnecessary as her body image was unchanged.

The Mother of two discovered a lump in her breast whilst bathing and was quickly referred to a Hospital in Surrey where she lives. Upon diagnosis she was shocked to discover that she had advanced invasive ductal carcinoma. This meant that the cancer was affecting the cells lining her milk ducts and the disease had also spread to her lymph nodes.

She was determined not to let the cancer win and to send it back to wherever it had come from. Shortly afterwards she broke the news to her children, her daughter then insisted she got a second opinion from a specialist over in the States. After doing so, Valerie opted to have the mastectomy operation at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Centre over in America where she also had the affected lymph nodes removed. She spent three months recuperating whilst also receiving radiotherapy.

Despite her decision not to undergo the reconstruction she is still confident about the way she looks. Specialist centres throughout the UK report less than 50% of women undergoing reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy and this could be due to a number of different factors. More than a third of women claim they were not given adequate facts surrounding the surgery including the risks and benefits.

Reconstruction after a mastectomy seems to be much more popular with younger women who see their breasts differently, as many older women tend to believe they have served their purpose and are less inclined to undergo the op. The surgery takes 3 months to recover from and a third of these women will then need revision surgery within 5 years.

Valerie continues to feel confident wearing swimsuits and low-cut tops with the help of prosthetics and simply didn’t see the need for the procedure along with many other women in this country. For those that do not want to undergo reconstruction there are many mastectomy clothes out there including mastectomy bras and mastectomy swimwear.

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