Make Way for the Spring Collection

Make Way for the Spring Collection

The Bollywood divas are famous all over the world for their beautiful outfits and accessories. In 2016, many celebrities brought out some fashion statements that were highly appreciated equally by the fashion industry and the common people.

This year all the popular names of Bollywood starting from Aishwarya Rai to Alia Bhatt made sure that their outfits are semi-traditional and classy. The frock type salwar kameez has found its way into every red carpet as it makes sure that we look tall and slim like a princess. The powerful catwalks and fashion runways all focused mainly on experimenting with new colors, materials, and styles. Like always our designers made sure that the Indian touch is present in all their creations along with bringing global relevance and appeal.

As art is an important part of Indian culture, 2016 saw most of the fashion runways having dresses that are embellished with art and colors. Exquisite artwork from different parts of our country was embraced by our designers this year.

Romantic places, lovely sequins, and sheer dresses made a massive re-entry into our fashion world. Most of the heroines like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor were seen adorning elegant dresses designed with laces and frills.

Metallic colors emerged as the favorite among Bollywood heroines this year, and many of them were spotted wearing dresses of these shades not only for award functions and interviews but also for airport looks and other casual outings. Alia Bhatt was seen dressed in a bright blue color dress to one of the award function followed by Kajol who wore a peach color dress that makes us realize 2016 saw a fashion breakthrough when it comes to clich├ęd pallets and skin tone compatible hues.

With the world running towards an environment-friendly surrounding, organic fashion, at last, saw its superlative entry into the glam world. Designers have been breaking their head about making these organic dresses more ramp friendly, and this year they finally found the in between of eco-friendly and glamorous. 2017 will see more number of clothes being designed in this genre as a lot of experimentation and innovations are underway by our designers.

Add-ons and accessories have always played a major role in the perfect look of our celebrities. This year saw some re-emergence and redesigning of accessories. The ever loved chokers got back into vogue with a bang, and all the fashionistas were seen wearing them. Chunky sandals, half-mooned earrings, and bags, headgears, platform heels, transparent handbags and clutches of different sizes and vivid shapes were all experimented with, and most of the took the glam world by storm.

2016 thus has been an excellent platform for fashionistas that makes sure that 2017 is going to see major fashion revolutions to take place both in the Indian and global level.

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