Lolita Cosplays – A Real Fun Adventure

Lolita Cosplays – A Real Fun Adventure

Japanese get their anime or manga known to the world and also bring their cosplay to worldwide popularity. Short for “costume play”, cosplay is that people dress up in costumes to roleplay a specific character or concept. At present, one trend for popular cosplay concepts is Lolita.

Originally in Japan, Lolita style is heavily inclined towards the Victorian fashion and inspired by the costumes of the Rococo period. However, do not confuse with Vladimir nabokov’ s alluring protagonist, Lolita is actually a fashion culture that targets at being more cute or pretty as compared to sexy.

Lolita fans argue that Lolita costumes should be made of the same materials of elegance and beauty. Associated with clothes that haphazardly put together and is characterized by many scratchy laces and satin, Lolita cosplay is usually expensive. That is also why many fans like to make the costumes by themselves.

Mostly accessorized with lace, a quality Lolita cosplay outfit has a perfect balance between the lace and the open part. However, there are also quality of these outfits comes without lace and so the options on Lolita cosplay costumes totally depends on one’ s personal preference. As a matter of fact, fans always have argument on whether the Lolita costumes are cute, pretty or sexy! Undeniably, Lolita cosplay outfits do not come under the category of elegant styles but there is an exception of elegant Gothic Lolita. In fact Lolita cosplay costumes by fashion designers are spotted too short and displaying quite a lot of skin. They usually come with the image of a nurse or maid characters from anime art. Probably this is the primary reason of the argument on the look of Lolita cosplay outfits. However, most Lolita fans tends to keep a good balance between cute and sexy!

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