How to Use Blue Amber to Boost Your Natural Beauty

How to Use Blue Amber to Boost Your Natural Beauty

You will rarely come across the blue color variety of amber. But such an exotic coloration does exist. The mines that lie across the Dominican Republic and Santiago are found processing the Blue amber. The latter happens to include hydrocarbons. The presence of hydrocarbon does the trick by shifting the ultraviolet light of the sun. The frequency of the light which is shifted gradually diminishes and this decrease leads to the blue coloration of the glowing amber. Polycyclic hydrocarbons are made to undergo the process of thermal polymerization. This particular process leads to the production of this so-called rare variety of amber.

High in esthetical value

It is fine that you are aware of the scientific principle that guides the making of blue amber. But you should also be aware of the enhanced artistic value of this rare variety. The luminescent blue goes a long way towards enhancing the esthetical value of this particular type of amber. Just think of donning a blue pendant or a cabochon of the similar color. The latter can be used for accessorizing a milk-white dress. The contrastive statement will certainly make you stand out in the crowd.

A unique piece of jewelry

At the end of the day, you will not mind being the proud possessor of this special blue variety of gemstone. That’s because it is hard to find the same. It pays to possess something that is rarely available. In this context, you will be interested in taking note of an interesting piece of statistic. The annual output of high-quality amber (of the blue type) is a hundred kilos, while the grade that is poor in quality is produced around eight hundred kilos. The figure speaks volumes of the rare availability. So, if you are lucky enough to lay your hands on the exotic piece, do make it a point to flaunt the same. The beads in blue will accentuate your bold Bohemian aura, in a big way.

Craft it wisely

It is important that you make sensible use of the blue colored gemstones, in a proper way. For instance, you can add to the flair by giving it a metallic crafting. Just consider the following option. A blue colored pendant attached to a beading string will not look as great as that which has been attached to a silver chain. Likewise, if you can afford the price, you can have the luminescent blue stone set in a platinum band. The combination will undoubtedly boost your natural flair and beauty.

Feel good and look nice

The stone not only helps you to look good but also makes you feel active, energized and lots stronger than before. The gemstone is loaded with healing properties. If you go back in time, to the distant past, you will find that people were accustomed to using amber, as a therapeutic option. The stone is hailed as a naturally efficient healer and also as an energizer. So, besides looking great and attractive, you can also feel the spontaneous inflow of energy. Moreover, if you find yourself, in pain, discomfort, and distress, the amber ensures you of calming effects, without having to use drugs and the other therapeutic medications.

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