Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

When you hear the words “Eco-friendly”, this means that the product is not harmful to the environment and contributes to green living. These products prevent contributions to water, air, and land pollution. Environmental friendly, or Eco-friendly, jewelry is non-toxic and is produced in ways that will not deplete the ecosystem. Many times environmentally friendly jewelry is made from recycled materials like wood, plastic, metal, or glass. Today, many consumers are looking for green alternatives for many different products, including jewelry. Recycling and reusing is a common theme when making jewelry that is Eco-friendly.

One choice for environmental friendly jewelry is wearing estate or vintage jewelry. This type of jewelry requires no new energy or natural resources, which is a good example of recycling and reusing. Vintage or antique jewelry, which is highly collectible, comes from the 18th to the early 20th centuries. Some artisans or jewelry makers like to take parts from antique and vintage jewelry and rework them into new fashionable pieces. In assembling new jewelry from these old pieces, you can use the beads, brooches, and findings. Some artisans used old flatware and silver coins to make Eco-friendly jewelry.

One thing that has contributed to conventional unsound mining practices is the manufacturing of jewelry using gemstones and precious metals. When mining for these gemstones and precious metals it creates a large amount of harmful chemicals and waste rock. For example, it takes an estimated twenty tones of ore to get just enough gold to make one band.

When creating environmentally friendly jewelry they use platinum, gold, and silver that are recycled and not mined. You can reclaim precious metals many times without having any decline in quality. You can reclaim post-consumer precious metals from unused jewelry and industrial sources. The metal is then melted and refined so it can be used for new jewelry creations. By doing it this way, it uses less resources and energy to recycle the precious metals. It also decreases the demand for metals that have to be mined.

Gemstones that are used in jewelry that is environmentally friendly are acquired from Eco-friendly sources. These small-scale mines are using techniques that are Eco-friendly and are developed for the Eco-friendly jewelry trade. These mines have to keep careful records of the origins of the gemstones, the mining practices, and working conditions. They also have to be available to the consumers so they can be assured that mining for these gemstones are not contributing to social or environment problems

Craftsmen that like to make environmentally friendly jewelry should start going to garage and estate sales to get their material. You may find some great vintage jewelry that can be reworked into unique pieces. There are many ideas online for making Eco-friendly jewelry.

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