Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Trend

Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Trend

Today people are becoming more aware of the benefits of going green and being environmentally friendly. This has resulted in the latest trend, environmentally friendly jewelry. The jewelry industry has embraced this newest trend and is creating jewelry using practices that are ecologically sound. This includes everything from precious gemstones adornments and metals to artisan-crafted jewelry that is unique. A common theme for this type of jewelry is to reuse and recycle whether it is fine or fashion jewelry. The manufacturer of jewelry can use fair trade gemstones, reclaimed precious metals, and vintage jewelry elements to make jewelry that is environmentally friendly.

One choice for this jewelry is to wear estate or vintage jewelry. When you wear vintage jewelry, it does not require any new natural energy or resources, which is a good example of reuse and recycle. Many times vintage jewelry is of excellent quality. Antique jewelry from the 18th to the early 20th century is a representative of fashion that is sustainable. This jewelry is also highly collectible. Another way in which you can get environmentally friend jewelry is to combine antique and vintage jewelry and make them into new fashionable jewelry. You can use the old findings, brooches, and beads to make new jewelry.

When jewelry manufactures use gemstones and precious metals, they are contributing to unsound environmentally congenital mining practice. They create harmful chemicals and a big amount of waste rock when these are extracted from the rock. To get one gold band it takes approximately twenty tones of ore to produce enough material. If a jewelry manufacturer makes environmental jewelry, they use silver, platinum, and gold that are recycled. You can use reclaimed precious metals many times without it having any decrease in quality.

The precious metals post-consumer are reclaimed from unused jewelry and industrial sources. The metal is melted down and refined. Now it can be made into something else. By doing this, it will take less resources and energy to recycle the precious metals. It also decreases the demand for metals that are mined.

Gemstones that are used in this type of jewelry are usually acquired from sources that are environmentally responsible and fair trade. Eco-friendly techniques are being developed for using small-scale mines for green jewelry trade. These mines will have to keep careful records of the origins of the gemstones, the mining practices, and working conditions. All of this will be available to the consumers to view. This will help to ensure that the gemstones are not contributing to social problems or the environment. They can also use gemstones that were produced in a laboratory and will have the identical characteristics of natural gemstones. They will not be distinguished from the natural stones.

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