Dinnerware Buying Guide

Dinnerware Buying Guide

The meal you eat is important. So is the dinnerware you use to eat in. Therefore, before you invest in dinnerware, make sure you take into account a few things, such as its looks, price and type, just to name a few. With the help of this guide, you can make this decision more easily. Read on to know more.

Types of Dinnerware Sets

You can find dinnerware sets in different styles, materials and pieces. If you are looking for formal dinnerware, you can go for a set made from porcelain or bone china. On the other hand, for regular use, you should go for a set with patterns and bold colors. For people who are fond of beautiful dinnerware, bone china may be the best choice. However, based on your choice, you can go for any type. Given below is a description of different types of material so you can make the best decision.

Best Materials

Bone China

Bone china should be your best choice if you need elegant and strong sets. As a matter of fact, bone china is on the list of most durable dinnerware types. Usually, this dinnerware is safe for dishwashers but you can wash it by hand as well. So, it is not difficult to take care of. However, you still need to be careful.


Compared to bone fire, porcelain is more durable and features heavier construction. Moreover, this material is break-resistant so you can wash it without any problem. Based on these features, you can use it for formal occasions as well. So, you don’t have to invest in another type separately. This will work for you.


This chip-resistant material is ideal for casual usage. It comes in a lot of stylish options. It is thicker and heavier compared to the materials mentioned above, but is not as strong. So, you need to be extra careful when using them. If you don’t be careful, you may end up with a broken set.


Earthenware is affordable. Since its construction is relatively more porous, it is made stronger with a high quality waterproof glaze. Generally, earthenware is casual and less sturdy than other types. So, it’s a good idea to choose it after you have taken into account this point.


Melamine dinnerware shares the appearance of ceramic sets. Actually, it made of a durable resin. Actually, you can use melamine as much as you can since it is impervious to chipping or shattering. So, it is an ideal choice no matter what occasion you want to use it for. You can find these sets in lots of colors, patterns and styles. Therefore, finding the right one for you may not be hard.

Long story short, if you are looking for dinnerware sets for casual or formal usage, we suggest that you take into account the tips given in this guide. Just make sure you also take into account your budget when investing in the right type. Hope this guide is helpful.

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