A Forever Diamond

A Forever Diamond

The economics run on gold standard depict a correlation of gold and women. The ornaments have been the charm of a moment; indicate the prosperity and love. The modern man relates to these gold, silver and platinum standards but in the credit card & members only industry. A beautiful women walk by is always a pleasure to cherish like a diamond. A diamond is one of the hardest material known in the world it has industrial application as well. A diamond is known for its strength vigor and luster. It is said that the energies from a diamond have effects and might affect an individual positively or negatively. Diamonds are compatible with gold platinum and silver rings, charms, necklace and usage in engraving tools. Buying a diamond could be quite a challenge especially when you don’t know what you looking for. Various types of diamonds are available depending on cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Rings are the most common phenomenon the world experiences. Rings are expression of commitment, tradition and philosophy. Diamond studded rings express a sentiment and sense of belonging forever. A diamond formation happens at very high pressure and temperature. Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure; sources of diamond formation credit to deep earth crust into the mantel where temperatures are as high as 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit, other possible source is the formation in subduction zones of the earth where tectonic movements trigger the formation, yet other possible source of formation are the asteroid strikes. This is what makes diamonds rare and an expensive affair.

A classic metaphor refers to a diamond as class forever. This classic determinism associate diamonds as substance of desire and fire. With very high optical dispersion property diamond reflect light of different colors to touch the acquiring human lives. Diamonds crystallized at very high pressure and temperatures exist for reasons unknown. They just exist. Destruction as cause of creation deconstruct the theory of existence. The necessary forces combine to form a gesture called diamond. Blood diamonds are the ones which are mined from the war hit zones another example of destruction causing creation. These diamonds are used to fund the conflicts and are also referred to as conflict diamonds.

Diamonds are primarily carbon lattice structures with each carbon atom surrounded by four other carbon atoms giving it a tetrahedron shaped unit. Because of its hardness and scratch resistance properties it is suitably preferred as gemstone in engagement and wedding rings which are often worn every day. Symbolic of its presence no wonder it is rightly said that a diamond is forever.

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