2011: Old Is New Again, in Fashion and Jewelry

2011: Old Is New Again, in Fashion and Jewelry

The influence of vintage lines, silhouettes and styles has always inspired runway looks and wearable fashions. However, this year, designers are completely embracing bygone eras, especially the ’70s. Deco suits, kerchiefs and heeled boots (for men and women), and estate jewelry are all on-trend. Again.

This month’s Roberto Cavalli show, which was held in Milan, was indicative of the old-school influences permeating this year’s offerings. Rather than merely drawing inspiration from, or working to evoke, the spirit of ’70s fashion, Cavalli seems intent on recreating the signature looks of the era.

“The result was a collection replete with snug corduroy suits reminiscent of Jim Morrison, kerchiefs knotted at the neck, Cuban-heeled shoes and floppy hats that brought to mind the low-life memoirist Iceberg Slim,” Guy Trebay wrote in his New York Times review of the show.

Cavalli’s 24-year-old son, Daniele, who assists his father, told the news source that he wanted the collection to be “really groovy… I want it to have a lot of soul.”

Though in the day-to-day many consumers don’t feel comfortable donning cutting edge fashions in real life, this look is sure to affect consumers’ tastes in more subtle ways. So how will these stylings translate into the jewelry world? Many fashion industry analysts suggest that estate jewelry and vintage jewelry will increase in popularity as old-school looks trickle down from the high fashion world to everyday consumers.

Because ’70s-era fashion was itself inspired by the art deco movement, (which was influential from the 1920s to the 1960s), it’s likely that classic pieces from the first half of the nineteenth century will be in-demand once again. Architecturally inspired styles will be especially appropriate.

Antique engagement rings that feature embellished settings, floral designs or deco cut-outs will likely be sought after. A benefit of vintage engagement rings is that they’re timeless as well as on-trend. They’ll be sure to stand the test of time and will only accrue value as the years pass.

Another great benefit of buying vintage jewelry is that it is very environmentally friendly. Precious metals and gem mining are very hard on the environment. By purchasing previously owned jewelry there is no additional impact on the environment.

Those who are looking for a fun and whimsical way to incorporate vintage pieces into their wardrobes might consider ones that boast beautiful and vibrant colors. A rose gold floral brooch beset with diamonds or turquoise, a cocktail ring featuring a coral stone surrounded by diamonds, or a sapphire bangle bracelet will all be wearable conversation pieces now and for seasons to come.

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